Agostini Junior Testarossa
Agostini Autojunior Ferrari Testarossa

The Junior Testarossa is the ultimate in children’s cars, it’s a superb scale reproduction of the iconic Pininfarina designed super car losing none of the original exotic design balance. The presence of this wonderful example finished in Rosso Corsa with Crema interior, is massive.

Like the full sized Testarossa, the mechanical layout of this hand crafted Agostini built car has a mid mounted (Briggs and Stratton) 4 stroke engine coupled to a rear mounted forward and reverse variable speed drive transmission which powers the Junior Testarossa through an integral differential, without the need to shift gears. Rear hydraulic disc brakes with operational brake lights. Original black leather and aluminium MOMO steering wheel coupled to superbly engineered rack and pinion steering employing a universally jointed column.
The independent, double wishbone, rose jointed suspension employing hydraulic dampers is adjustable.
Cast two piece alloy replica Testarossa wheels are fitted with normal road tyres


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